Friday, February 15, 2013

Prabal Gurung For Target

Talk about "Designer For Less"

Prabal Gurung (Prah-ball Goo-rung), a name that has been echoing more and more lately, has collaborated with Target to release a line of clothing consisting of more than 80 pieces. Numerous celebs have been dressed in Prabal's stylish designs, from Michelle Obama in the White House to Kate Middleton in Wales, to Sarah Jessica Parker, Mila Kunis, Olivia Palermo, Zoe Saldana and many more red carpet celebs! Prabal Gurung is a favorite in the fashion industry and has been taking the world by storm with his uniquely edgy yet feminine silhouettes. 

This collaboration has been an eagerly awaited one. The line was launched in select Target stores on February 10. Within one day it was almost completely sold out!! It was a huge success and I was lucky enough to be able to snatch a few items before they were gone! The line is called "Love" and there is definitely a lot to love about it!! It's very fashion forward and synonymous with this years latest trends. Integrated in the clothing is black and white, neon, stripes, floral's and patterns.

Prabal has stayed true to his aesthetic in this line, and has offered key looks that women admired on Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton, for instance, to consumers at a lower and more affordable price point. Prabal is adored for his dresses and jewelry, and Target was smart to stick to those basics in this collaborated line. The prices range from $15 to about $45. If you have time to run to your closest Target, I highly recommend you do so, these pieces are well crafted and running low on stock! Snatch some while you still can!! They are great for a night out in town, a girls dinner and party, a first date, a meet-the-parents night, and are versatile enough for the day as well!!  It's safe to say they hit the target on this one! ;)

Here is the link to Target's website for prices or store availability of items: click here

-Stay CHIC, stay YOU.

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